Writers, admit it, you channel

4 Steps to Intentionally Channel and Grow Your Creativity

I am a writer and I channel when I write. What are your feelings on the subject? I know some writers (casual or professional) would immediately agree that they channel when they write. Especially when they are "in the flow." The inspiration to write can seem to come out of nowhere and then easily flow through you. It's as if the words are coming from the ethers and your fingers or hand are just magically letting the words spill forth onto screen or paper.

I have definitely had moments like that throughout my life. Granted, not all of the time. Some creative projects take more thought and work than others (we will get to that in a bit). But I felt like sharing how my last novel literally spilled onto the screen. 93,000 words in a month. I committed to writing one hour per day with some prodding by my life coach, Jeff. I was quite frankly afraid to even start my latest novel called Masters of Love. It had been prodding at my mind and my soul for over a year. But it felt so huge to me. It was going to be a story about Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene. It was going to reveal some very blasphemous teachings of theirs (a la A Course in Miracles) and I knew it had to be written from the first person perspective of both of them. In short, I was terrified to write this novel. I mean, who the heck was I, an unpublished novelist, to start with something so grand and huge. Plus, stories about both Jesus and Mary Magdalene had been done before. Why would anyone care?

Thankfully my coach helped me push all of the doubts aside and commit to just writing. I wrote every day for at least an hour. When I didn't think about all of the reasons why I shouldn't write the story, the words literally rushed out like a hose wetting out dry pavement. I typically am more of a feeler than seeing images, but while I wrote the story I could literally see, smell and hear the scenes. It was like I was right there with the characters. To me, that is channelling.

I should know. To come completely come out of the closet, I was actually a psychic and a channeller for a bit when I lived in the Bay Area back in 2007-2009. A friend of mine introduced me to a book called "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. After practicing some of the exercises and listening to a couple of other people channel, I could feel something stirring within my mind and my heart. Literally on January 1, 2007 I woke up very early that morning and felt the urge to speak from something that seemed "bigger" than myself. I sat up and literally started to let words flow from my mouth. Since I am also a trained engineer, I think my higher self that I was channelling knew this which is why the next part of the experience totally blew me away. In the middle of speaking, I could feel a large body within mine. It felt 10 feet tall and I could feel that my hands/fingers were huge.

I don't think learning to channel your higher self is for everyone. It was just something that I wanted to experience in my life. It taught me how to discern energies, how to say "no" if something else wanted to come through and setting protection. These days I don't need to channel since I feel very connected with the higher self aspect vs. going through the stage drama of "channelling."

But doesn't the bible condemn channellers, mediums and psychics? In a way. It basically says if these types of people do not turn you toward God, then you shouldn't be dealing with them. I can understand this. If people are channeling entities and stories that don't bring people peace, happiness and joy, then they should really be questioning the source.

So what are you thinking right now? Some are probably in alignment with the above, some are probably not interested in this spiritual hogwash and some of you may be wondering how writing can become easier for you. I know some people who feel the urge to write but find it really difficult to get words out. They struggle and go back over every word as they write it. Some just dream of words being able to ooze out like honey on a hot day.

If you're looking for ways to allow words to flow more easily, here are some tips based on my learning over the years:

  1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine yourself within the scene you are trying to write. Who's there? What does the scene look like? What action is happening? What catches your eye? What do you have the urge to write about? Start writing!
  2. If you have a hard time visualizing, go onto the internet and search for pictures that have the look and the feel you are trying to write about. Look for pictures resembling your characters. Sketch scenes or characters (even if you are a terrible sketcher, just get your hands moving). Once you start to get inspiration, start writing!
  3. Close your eyes. Imagine your future self at the end of your writing journey. This is the you that has completed the first draft of your story. What do they know about your story? What do they know about your characters, plot, twists and scenes. Start writing down what you hear, see or feel.
  4. Start a journal and write from your main character's experiences. What would their day be like? Who would they meet? What do they feel? What angst do they have? What personal or world issues do they want to solve? Use these journal entries to create scenes and a storyline.

These are just a few examples to help prime the pump so to speak. The key is to start tricking your mind to be more and to allow more flow to come through in your writing. Again, this may not work for everyone, but may help some of you to get unstuck. You can also refer to my post on Trystorming to Unlock Your Creativity to gain more creative tools.

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Enjoy your creativity and spirit self!



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