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Greetings Divine Spirit,

I am super excited about today's LIVE Deepen in the Divine Radio show airing today (Fri Dec 29, 2017) on BBS Radio Channel 2 at 4PM PST. Today's topic is: Visioning with the Divine and I think you will really enjoy. If you can make the show, please bring pen and paper or your favorite computer since we will be doing some guided meditations to help you work with the Divine/Spirit and shape your vision for 2018!

A vision or plan for 2018 with a twist – building the plan and then following it with the guidance of : God, the Divine, Holy Spirit or whatever else works for you…

My past experience with creating a vision – closing eyes, connecting with heart and letting my BIG Dream spill out onto paper or through images on a piece of cardboard. I would hit some, miss some and would usually feel something was missing. It wasn’t until I began bringing God, The Divine or the Holy Spirit into my life more and more…

For today, we will walk through a recommended process together. Feel free to change things as you see fit or are guided. I will ask that as you get answers to today, to keep checking in with them every so often. See if they are still the guidance from Spirit. Sometimes Spirit starts you on a path but then has you change directions to fit an even bigger and better plan.

That’s why I think typical yearly Vision boards or plans are way too STATIC! Keep checking in, surrendering your plan and goals to support. This is a wonderful way to build trust and spiritual strength.

Daily Ritual/Connection with the Divine – what works for you and spirit? Spirit will not make it hard, depressing or fear-induced… just remember that!

Let’s start… first with an intention or what’s needed most in 2018… but we will do this with Spirit. I’ll lead you through a meditation (on Deepen in the Divine Radio) and then you can take some time to jot some notes down now or after the show…


  • Invocation prayer
  • Call on the Divine or Spirit to come into your mind and into your heart
  • What is it that I most need for 2018 to serve my highest self?
  • What do I need to release to heal or allow more happiness into my dream?
  • Divine Spirit, what happy outcomes do you want for me this year?
  • What are my first steps?

Now take a moment to write down what you heard, felt or experienced. Did anything surprise you? What was the overall feeling? If it didn’t feel peaceful and reassuring it probably wasn’t Spirit, but more input from the ego.

Now let’s go back and check again… my recommendation is to do this over and over again for the next few days. Then once you feel grounded in the guidance to check in about every 1-2 weeks to see if anything needs to be adjusted.

If you are not getting anything, that’s ok. Just keep trying. If you still don’t get anything. Just stop and let it go. You may be surprised when you are inspired out of the blue!

Checking in:

  • What is it that I most need for 2018 to serve my highest self?
  • What do I need to release to heal or allow more happiness into my dream?
  • Divine Spirit, what happy outcomes do you want for me this year?
  • What are my first steps?

Were the answers different this time? Did you get more information? Were they all the same? Do you feel complete and peaceful now?


So… going back to Visioning… try playing around with timelines… maybe all of 2018 seems to big or too long… try asking for guidance around the first half of the year, first three months, first month, or first week. There are no rules to this. Only what makes sense for you and reduces any stress/anxiety for you. This should be a happy and peaceful process if you are truly working with the Divine and the HS.

Some tips or things to consider depending on what area of your life you’re looking for guidance in:


My recommendation is to not get too specific. For example, if your bills/debt = $10,000 I would not recommending specifying $10,000 to eliminate debt. In working with Spirit you need to open yourself up to the idea that if you change your mind and let go, Spirit will provide more than you think is possible in order to live and achieve your happy dream.

You may try asking a question like: Holy Spirit, what step or steps should I took in order to experience complete financial freedom and happiness?

As an example, when I began working in this way and staying open to ideas… I was guided and had external people sending me recommendations on a way to invest. Since it was related to digital currency, I have currently been able to accrue 7 times my initial investment which is now helping me pay down debt I had acquired this year. When I initially thought about the debt I accrued after moving, I scrambled to try and figure out how to get out of it and it seemed daunting. That was my ego mind at play. When I released it to Spirit, all of sudden I was more peaceful. I would hear… “wait” followed by a feeling of trying something and then followed by external validation. I am learning to not act right away, that spirit will hold the door open for you for days to weeks at a time as long as you are listening.


This is also an area I am learning to not get to specific about. Maybe you do know that you want to be a doctor, lawyer, artist, musician or writer… but I would suggest that when you open yourself up to spirit, it may be so much more than that. Maybe you will be a doctor, but also someone that is meant to work on people at an energetic level. Or perhaps you can be a writer, but if you ask the Divine for guidance, you may be asked to heal yourself first or maybe write about something that you never even intended.

The key is to let go of any notions of what you think you should be doing and ask for guidance to have a career that can support you and allow you to be happy.

Sometimes it may be helpful to ask for guidance and to release just enjoying the job you have.

For me, I have been this up and down yo yo going in and out of corporation and engineering work. I used to have a huge battle with my head and my heart. I would feel the pull to do more spiritual work through my heart. MY head would say that the only way I can earn a decent income was to keep working in the aerospace industry.

Now, I let both sides go in the sense that I ask Holy Spirit for guidance. Right now I am meant to do both. I am learning and growing spiritually in both because I follow spirit’s guidance no matter what. Will I eventually transition into a full-time writing and spiritual career? The answer right now is “just be patient and take it day by day”. I know I am releasing a book and spirit approves, but what will happen beyond that? I have no clue and I am finally learning to be ok with it. The book I wrote was from spirit anyway so what right do I have dictating who reads it and when or how much it should sell? That’s not my business… neither is the PR. The Holy Spirit does my PR for me…. I just follow guidance whenever I am prompted to actually do something… and then I ask again to make sure…


This is another area where myself and others try to get really specific about the partner we are looking for (romantic, friendship or business). I have learned to be less specific since Spirit really knows me better than I know myself.

Here are some examples of how to work with Spirit on relationships: Divine, I open my heart and mind to you. You know the best path to happiness and love within the dream. What would you have me do today to bring a loving partner into my life? Or ask what would you have me this do this week or month. Wait for an answer. Ask again. Ask again. Ask Again.

I also think with relationships it’s important to notice when you are feeling anxious or fearful around any aspect of it, to let it go and remind yourself that you would rather experience peace instead of the lack of peace. Hand it over to the Holy Spirit. Remember, true forgiveness a la A Course in Miracles is remembering that this is all a dream you made up anyway. What you really want is God, but asking for guidance in relationship can be a beautiful way to bring more peace and happiness into your life while you are on the path back to God.

For me, I had struggled in relationships until I moved back to Seattle in 2008. I had also made up my mind to never try internet dating again after some bad experiences. But luckily I listened to Spirit and early in 2009 I tried a service again. In fact, I accidently signed up for a service called and then almost deleted my account right away. Something told me to just be patient. Eventually I read my future wife’s profile and it was as if she had written directly to me and about me. It was such a light and easy experience. Thank God for the guidance and Thank God for having my wife, Mary, in my life. She literally is a Godsend!

Hopefully those are some good examples to get you going and stay motivated to work with Spirit. This really isn’t meant to be a one-time goal or vision setting exercise. Check in with Spirit often. Don’t DO until you feel really sure that you are getting guidance from the Divine. Build that trust until Spirit is all that you hear no matter what you are doing or thinking in life.

Feel free to contact me with questions or just what you got out of the visioning. Also, if you enjoyed this blog or the radio show, please sign up for my newsletter. You will receive a free eBook download and will be a loved member of the Deepen in the Divine Community! I send out newsletters on Sundays and you never know what gifts you may receive along the way!


Scott Krytsa


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