The First Chapter from The Spirit That Moves Mountains Novel

As of the writing of this post, The Spirit That Moves Mountains (TSTMM) is currently in production through Balboa Press. TSTMM is a spiritual novel and will be my first release into the world of fiction. I have a couple of non-fiction books out that also have ties back to practicing spirituality in a practical way and leaning on the miracle principles from A Course in Miracles: Forgiveness Inc. and Trystorming Your Life’s Dream.

Information about The Spirit That Moves Mountains

What if Jeshua (Jesus) was so enlightened he never suffered during the trial and crucifixion? A controversial new take on the life of Jeshua and his equal, Mary Magdalene. Witness miracles, forgiveness and love like you’ve never seen it before. Re-experience life in Judea through the minds of masters.

Miracles are everywhere and it starts within your mind. Meet Jeshua and his wife Mary Magdalene like you never have before. A retelling of their story but the complete opposite of “The Last Temptation of Christ.” The Spirit That Moves Mountains is a mystical version of their life. A story told in the vein of Richard Bach, James Redfield or Dan Millman. Jeshua was fully enlightened before he was crucified, thus he never suffered. This is a story of man and wife in Judea over two thousand years as walking examples of practicing forgiveness and A Course in Miracles.

Experience how Jeshua and Mary think, not just what they do. Immerse yourself in the miracles of raising the dead, walking on water, and healing the sick and get insights on how they may have done this.

Enjoy life in Judea as they are surrounded by friends and disciples. Especially the jokester, Thomas, his wife, Isaah, and their other friends who struggle to understand the teaching of masters and apply them in their lives.

The First Chapter

The nail that entered my flesh was driven by anger. Yet all I felt was love for this centurion, my brother.

That was all I was experiencing at this point. No pain, no discomfort, no tears, and no remorse for the path I was on and the piece of wood to which I was being secured. All I felt was love and whole connection with my Father.

Clavius, the centurion, had kept sneaking glances at my face since we’d arrived on the hilltop. He was seeking the same pained expressions of anguish and utter defeat as my brothers were experiencing on their crossed pieces of lumber. I could not offer the satisfaction since nothing remained but the deepest love for my brother, a Son of God.

I closed my eyes and used the tool of forgiveness one last time by thinking, I created this dream. I would rather experience the peace of God, my Father, instead of this. I release this to the Holy Spirit to heal.

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