Intuitive Testimonials & Love

Liz; New Zealand

"Scott’s intuitive and innate spiritual gifts are immense. I was fortunate enough to have had a reading with him 10 years ago now. Imagine my surprise, when I recently found the recording of our reading and listened to it. I discovered that 99% of what Scott had predicted a decade ago had actually come true, including my partner’s name, the country he lived in, his ethnicity and more. It blew me away to hear Scott predict my future with such accuracy, as I had forgotten all about the reading, until I re-discovered the MP3 recording tucked away in storage. The experience leaves me feeling quite humble. There is no doubt in my mind that Scott is deeply connected to spirit and his intuitive gifts are a gift to us all. I highly recommend Scott’s work and innate spiritual wisdom." Nov 2017

Sheldon; California

"Scott's readings have always resonated profoundly in my heart as true... And because his words echoed a truth I felt but was hiding from, the reading was both inspiring to reach deeper and supporting of the journey I have already taken."

Kelly; Canada

"Scott has a very grounded, gentle and direct presence and approach. Scott was able to give me clear, accurate and intuitive guidance. He helped me become clearer about situations in my life that I could not fully comprehend which helped me move forward. Everyone I've referred Scott to has equally appreciated their session with him."

Stefanie; Canada

"My readings with Scott always feel collaborative. It's like settling into a beautiful, safe and open space that allows the deepest of truths to come forward. They do so, through Scott, in a direct and heartfelt way; always leaving me with something to ponder and go more deeply into on my own. Deeper self-awareness and loving messages are always revealed, and for that I'm so appreciative of Scott's ability to allow this connection with the Divine through him."

Declan; California

"My session with Scott was mind blowing, he touched on so many aspects of my life, helped me make sense of them and take action in following my dreams. I can honestly say that since the session my life has been on a path of creative fulfillment and I am living my life to the fullest."

Carla; U.K.

"Scott has an amazing gift. He tapped into what was going on in my world and helped me gain clarity. It stopped me getting lost in chaos and come back to myself. His session gave me much comfort and hope and he ended with a beautiful meditation. Thanks so much for sharing your gift."

Tracy; Canada

"My session with you was very unique in that I felt very 'close' to you, as in closely seen, and that we were tuning into insights and my guides together at times. In fact it was the first time I'd ever been 'taught' - in a very simple and tangible way - to connect to my intuition and guides. I also felt seen on many levels... and that there was no judgment towards me or anyone in my life. This meant a lot to me."

Olivia; Canada

"My reading with Scott felt very sacred and insightful. Weeks after the reading I am still experiencing the affects of his insights on a very deep and spiritual level. Scott was able to connect me to my heart-center and help me understand my own inner power and ability towards self-mastery."

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