Holy Spirit: The Medium of Miracles

The Holy Spirit - Medium of Miracles

On the next Deepen in the Divine Radio Show I'll be talking about the Holy Spirit and how this Voice, Guide and Comforter for God can be a powerful companion in this world. Especially if you want to experience more peace and happiness in your life and experience God more and more.

As A Course in Miracles says (about the Holy Spirit):

The Holy Spirit is in the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the spirit, mediating between them always in favor of the spirit.” T-7.IX.1:5

“The Holy Spirit is the motivation for miracle-mindedness; the decision to heal the separation by letting it go.” T-5.II.1:4

“The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving you as perfect. Knowing this perfection is shared He recognizes it in others, thus strengthening it in both. Instead of anger this arouses love for both, because it establishes inclusion.” T-6.II.5:1

“To the Holy Spirit, there is no order of difficulty in miracles.” T-6.V.A.4:1

We start to see all of the different aspects and ways that the Holy Spirit functions and can help. I especially love the reminder that the Holy Spirit sees no "order of difficulty in miracles." It is a great reminder that no matter how big of a problem or jam we seem to face, how deeply we may feel hurt or judged by others, or how sick we may be; the Holy Spirit can always create miracles for us if we allow Him/Her into our lives and hand over our problems.

“The Holy Spirit is the only part of the Holy Trinity that has a symbolic function. He is referred to as the Healer, the Comforter and the Guide. ..As a man and also one of God’s creations, my right thinking, which came from the Holy Spirit or the Universal Inspiration, taught me first and foremost that this Inspiration is for all. I could not have It myself without knowing this. The word “know” is proper in this context, because the Holy Spirit is so close to knowledge that He calls it forth; or better, allows it to come. T-5.I.4:1

Jeshua/Jesus speaks to us as now part of the healed mind of the Holy Spirit. It is our separated mind that has created the ego and the different ways we hide from God in this illusion/dream. Why would anyone hide from God, you may be wondering. Well, if you understand the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles you will come to realize that for some reason we wanted to create apart from God, separated, became afraid and guilty and now hang out in the world of bodies trying to distract ourselves from God and the "bad thing" we did (separation).

But if we choose to listen to our healed mind (the Holy Spirit) we will begin to heal our mind and actual take the journey back Home to God.

“Remember that the Holy Spirit is the Communication Link between God the Father and His separated Sons. If you will listen to His Voice you will know that you cannot either hurt or be hurt, and that many need your blessing to help them hear this for themselves.” T-6.I.19:1

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