Give the Gift of Forgiveness this Christmas

A Course in Miracles

"This Christmas give the Holy Spirit everything that would hurt you. Let yourself be healed completely that you may join with Him in healing, and let us celebrate our release together by releasing everyone with us. Leave nothing behind, for release is total, and when you have accepted it with me you will give it with me. All pain and sacrifice and littleness will disappear in our relationship, which is as innocent as our relationship with our Father, and as powerful. Pain will be brought to us and disappear in our presence, and without pain there can be no sacrifice. And without sacrifice there love must be." T-15.XI.3.

The Gift of Forgiveness

As I have written before, the formula for practicing forgiveness is fairly simple. It's just not that easy to do all of the time. Especially when situations in our life seem so real or affect us so deeply.

So this Christmas, when you are with family, out in the hustle and bustle of lastminute shopping or contemplating your life, why not spend it practicing forgiveness so that you can give yourself and others the gift of peace.

Forgiveness Process

For those of you unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles and its version of forgiveness. Here is a quick summary that is also based on the work by A Course in Miracle's author, Gary Renard.

  1. Realize that you are currently not feeling peace
  2. Remember that the world you see is simply a dream that you created (the world is done through you, not to you)
  3. Desire and will that you would rather see peace instead of this. Or realize that the person that seemed to have upset you is really spirit.
  4. Release this person or situation to the Holy Spirit to allow your mind to heal

The practice of forgiveness is meant to be personal and done at the mind level. Enjoy walking around with peace in your mind and in your heart this Christmas season!

Many blessings,

Scott Krytsa

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