Forgiveness Inc.

Practicing spirituality at your day job in secret using true forgiveness and A Course in Miracles. Forgiveness Inc gives you practical tips to be a spiritual being while performing within a corporate job or any day job.

Trystorming Your Life's Dream

What dream do you have that is unfulfilled? What’s preventing you from following your heart’s desire? Looking for tools to pull your dream from the ethers into reality?

Learn practical tips from lean gurus and spiritual gurus to enhance your life and manifest your dreams in a productive and creative way.

Masters of Love Series: Book One - The Spirit That Moves Mountains

Due out in 2018. A novel that retells the greatest story ever told. Delve into the first person perspectives of Jeshua and his wife Mary Magdalene as they practice true forgiveness, heal and perform miracles through the lens of A Course in Miracles. The novel begins by asking the question: What if Jesus was so joined with God he never suffered on the cross?

Relative Beginnings Series: Book One - Big Bang

Spiritual Sci Fi novel due out in 2019. Follow three friends from Seattle (Ethan, Jessica and Doug) as they unravel the biggest secret hidden in the beginnings of our universe. The real explanation of how our universe was creative and for what purposes will blow your little spiritual socks off!


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